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Where Ya Can Go

For Rock Fans And Activists


Hello Visitors, this place is somewhere where alternative people can come hang out away from the mundane persecution, industrialization and corporation of the outside world.

The intention is to try and cater for all Rockers, Punks, Goths, Metallers, Moshers, and anyone who enjoys good rock music in general. The website is also largely dedicated to activism and there are likely to be much political writing on the website.


Check out a couple of articles and other features then head over to my forum and leave a message or get involved in some discussion with other WYCG goers :)


The site should be updated at least bimonthly.

This site is constantly growing, if you want to help in anyway feel free to e-mail me at any time;






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August 13th 2003


This is a very minor update, I'll start giving the site attention when I feel like it.

I'm also writing a book, supposedly.


A lot have been added to the message of the day \ political message of the day

New Addition To Links page:




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June 03th 2003


Ok, I promised bimonthly updates and there was only one last month.

Sue Me.

I'll try and make up for it though.

I'll fail.


But here is a start:



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